Marseille Tarot of Lando 1832

LANDO TAROT box Deluxe MQTurin, 1805. A young Italian shoemaker was forcibly recruited in the Napoleonic army. After years of wars waged in every part of Europe, he returned to his hometown, found a job with a card maker and later opened his own shop.

In 1829, he printed his own Marseille Tarot deck. Shortly after his death, his wife printed that deck again. It was 1832. Today, the beautiful Tarot of Lando come back to life and the story of the unfortunate manufacturer emerges.

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Many historians, starting from Stuart R. Kaplan, have supposed that the Tarot of Lando was produced in Piedmont around 1760, in imitation of the Marseilles Tarot. Today we know that that assumption is wrong.

Thanks to a genealogical research carried out recently by Philippe Noyes and to archive researches conducted by Nicola Di Giorgio and Giordano Berti, it is evident that the Lando Tarot was produced starting from 1829, initially by Giuseppe Maurizio Lando (Turin, around 1783 – 1831), then by his wife, who brought the production to the city of Asti (60 km from Turin) and, finally, by his son Giuseppe Basilio Lando.

Kaplan’s mistake derives from the fact that the Lando Tarot shows extraordinary resemblances to the French Tarot  decks called inappropriately “of Marseille”.

Probably Giuseppe Maurizio Lando commissioned the preparation of wooden matrices to an engraver active in Piedmont or in Savoia.


Matto Bagatto PapessaIn practice, in the early decades of the nineteenth century, while some Piedmontese card maker began to develop an original model, other artisans, like Giuseppe Maurizio Lando, continued in the wake of a tradition consolidated from about a century also in Piedmont, that of the Tarot “Marseillaise “.

The Lando Tarot is characterized by softer lines, compared to rough French models. In particular, the faces of the characters are more delicate.

However, the “Marseillaise” symbolism is intact, so that the Lando deck can be considered, as a whole, a traditional and original work at the same time.


After a careful analysis of the original sheets, made available by the Academy of Sciences in Turin, the collaborators at “Rinascimento project” decided to reprint the Lando Tarot in a way absolutely faithful to the original: colors, dimensions , back of the cards, etc.

The deck is printed on special paper in a limited edition of 700 copies. Each copy is numbered and signed by Giordano Berti on a warranty card.

Garanzia LQ

The deck is accompanied by an unpublished booklet signed by Giordano Berti and Philippe Noyes, which summarizes the history of Tarot in Savboy and Piedmont, narrates the adventurous life of Lando, investigates his family and in particular on his wife, Maria Antonia Rambaud, heir of the company after the death of her husband.

Together with the cards and the booklet there is a leaflet, signed by Giulia Orsini, with the divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and some methods of reading.


We like first to acknowledge the President of the Academy of Sciences of Turin (owner of these cards and of the reproduction rights) for allowing the reprint of this deck. At the same time, many thanks the employees of the Academy (in particular, Dr. Elena Borgi) for the collaboration given at each stage of our historical research.


Cofanetto LQ


The cards are placed in an elegant golden bag and, together with the booklet and the leaflet, are inside a refined book-shaped box, designed by the art designer Letizia Rivetti and produced by expert Italian artisans on behalf of RINASCIMENTO – ITALIAN STYLE ART.

The exterior of the box is in marbled paper with golden metal corners.

The interior is covered in red velvet.

LANDO TAROT box Standard LQ


Alternatively, you can have the same deck, together with the booklet and the leaflet with divination instructions, in a simpler box, covered with marbled paper.




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Publisher: OM Edizioni and Rinascimento Italian Style Art, Italy, 2018.

Curator: Giordano Berti

Limited edition: 700 numbered and signed copies.

Deck: 78 cards + 1 guarantee with number and signature of the editor

Card format: 110 × 63 mm

Deluxe box: designed by art designer Letizia Rivetti.

Packaging: “Rinascimento – Italian Style Art”. Craft production. Book-shaped. Velvet interior.

Booklet: Giordano Berti and Philippe Noyes. 24 pages with historical information on this deck; semi-rigid cover; size 85 × 125 mm. Available in English.

Leaflet: Giulia Orsini. 8 pages with traditional divinatory meanings of the 78 cards and methods of reading; size 80 × 125 mm. Available in English.

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Tarocchi Lando produced by Giordano Berti, by Sherryl E. Smith