Perrin Tarot 1865


At around 1865, in Turin, the publisher Claudio Perrin printed a deck of great artistic and esoterical value, which, however, has remained forgotten until recently.
At first glance, the Triumphs and the Court cards show a stylistic and chromatic research that places this deck at the top of the Tarot production in the nineteenth century.

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Looking at the 78 cards, printed with chromolithographic technique, one can see their extraordinary quality.

Perrin quattro Trionfi.jpg

As some Triumphs clearly show affinities to the so-called “Tarot Soprafino”, it is interesting to note that Perrin’s drew its inspiration from this deck, created in Milan at around 1830 by the engraver Charles Dellarocca for the manufacturer Ferdinand Gumppenberg.

Perrin Gumppenberg 4 Imperatore LQPerrin Gumppenberg 9 Eremita LQ

However, the artist who designed the Perrin Tarot maintained a very original footprint in all images, both in the costumes of the characters and environments.

The drawings may have been made by one of the many illustrators used by Perrin’s Publishing House, which was specialized in publication of historical illustrated books.

Perrin otto figure

One might ask why the extreme rarity of this deck. The answer may be that Claudio Perrin, despite being an excellent lithographer, was not a traditional Tarot producer and then not had its own distribution network.

In fact, Perrin was primarily a publisher of illustrated books. However it is interesting to note that many of his books can be linked to the Turin Freemasonry, as demonstrated by Giordano Berti in the historical research reported in the booklet that accompanies the deck.

Perrin Assi bis


It is thanks to a collector who owns one of the rare copies of the Perrin Tarot, that is has been possible to realize this reissue, absolutely faithful to the original, as one can see from the picture below.


The deck was reprinted in 2016: a print absolutely faithful to the original, in a limited edition of 600 copies, numbered and hand signed.

To 78 cards’ pacj includes a warranty card, with a serial number and the signature of the curator, the historian Giordano Berti, who also wrote the booklet that adescribes, for the first time, the origin of this deck and Perrin’s publishing activities.

The deck comes in an elegant book-shaped box created by art designer Letizia Rivetti, and handmade by “RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art”.

The exterior of the box is in tobacco marbled paper with gold inserts. The interior is lined in velvet.



Publisher: Araba Fenice and RINASCIMENTO Italian Style Art, Italia, 2016

Curator: Giordano Berti

Limited edition: 600 copies, numbered and hand signed

Deck: 78 cards + 1 warranty with serial number; hand signed by Giordano Berti

Dimension of the cards: 115 × 68 mm

Artbox: invented by art designer Letizia Rivetti.

Packaging: “RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art”. Book-shaped box. Handcraft production. Velvet interior. Exterior in tobacco marbled paper with gold inserts.

Booklet: written by Giordano Berti. 18 pages in full colors with historical information on this deck; semi-rigid cover; size 85 × 125 mm.



Italian, by Giordano Berti

English, translation by Vic Berti



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