Sibyl of the Heart 1617

Composiz Sibilla cuore 037 ENG MQThe Sibyl of the Heart is a deck composed of 40 enigmatic figures designed by the German theologian Daniel Cramer, a follower of the Rosicrucians. Lucas Jennis first published the emblems in 1617 and today they become a multilingual deck: a game to investigate oneself and other people’s feelings.

LIMITED EDITION: 800 copies numbered and handsigned by -> Giordano Berti <-.

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Daniel Cramer ENGIn 1617 Lucas Jennis, the german editor of several Rosicrucian books, decided to publish a treaty entitled Societas Jesus et Rosae Crucis Vera (The true Society of Jesus and the Rosy Cross), written by the theologian Daniel Cramer.

Jennis asked the Swiss engraver Rudolph Mayr to create an emblem for each of the 40 chapters of the book.

The common theme of the work is “the heart”, regarded as the seat of human emotions, but also a symbol of moods that involve all people in the course of their existence in the material world.

In Cramer’s emblems, the heart undergoes various processes and experiences through 40 stages. Thus, we can see in these images an example of meditative Rosicrucian exercise working upon the spiritual centre of each man or woman.

Composizione Emblemi CramerAs noted by Adam McLean, the symbolism of  these 40 emblems recalls alchemical allegories.

In fact, in some plates we can see the heart placed in a furnace, in others it is weighed in a scale. Some stages show various kind of plants growing from the heart, while in others the heart is set free from various types of bondage and limitations.

The comprehension of this symbolism was reserved for a small number of initiates to Rosicrucian doctrines until a scholar sensed a new potential use.


In the booklet that accompanies the Sibyl of the Heart, Giordano Berti stated that during his historical research on Cramer’s book, something completely unexpected happened.

Berti was sorting out his ancient divination cards collection when his attention was drawn to the similarity of some Cramer’s emblems with the figures of the Petit Lenormand.

ANALOGIE Sibilla Cuore Lenormand MQ

After a careful examination of all the emblems, Berti came up with the idea to create, with Cramer’s emblems, a deck of “divination” based on the symbol of the heart, quickly developed. Hence the title of The Sibyl of the Heart given to this work.

Carte Libro Scatola ENG MQSo, he decided to prepare a multilingual deck  and, for the practical use of it, Berti entrusted the task to a dear friend, Odete Lopes, considered a leading expert in the world of Lenormand cards.  
Together with Vincenzo Lucifora, a collaborator of Mme Lopes, Berti discussed how to organise the deck so that a contemporary audience can easily understand, and use it.

At the same time, he asked to a Bulgarian artist, Stilyan Stefanov, to paint the images while preserving their the original style.

Then, art designer Letizia Rivetti designed the elegant graphics of the cards and the wonderful bright red box.

Like all the works produced by RINASCIMENTO, even the Sibyl of the Heart is a real jewel produced in a limited number of copies: a jewel whose value will increase over time.


  • Publisher: Araba Fenice, Italy, 2015.
  • Curator: Giordano Berti.
  • Limited edition: 800 numbered and signed copies.
  • Deck: 40 full color cards + 1 warranty with number and signature of Giordano Berti. 


  • Multilingual edition: the keywords on the cards are in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Card format: 120 × 80 mm
  • Artbox: designed by art designer Letizia Rivetti.



DELUXE:  Book-shaped box (mm 155 x 120 x 40) created by art designer Letizia Rivetti. Red velvet interior. Exterior in red marbled paper with metallic inserts. Handcraft production by RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art. 

STANDARD:  simple box (mm 135 x 90 x 40) created by art designer Letizia Rivetti. Exterior and interior in red marbled paper with metallic inserts. Handcraft production by RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art. 

Sibiyl of the Heart two boxes ENG LQ


Libretto ENG MQ64 pages
(mm 134 x 90) illustrated in black-and-white with all 40 original emblems and spreads for divination.

At the moment, the booklet is available in four versions

Italian, English (translation by Vic Berti), Portuguese (translation by Odete Lopes) and German (translation by Susanne Ziztl).



  • p.1  – The Rosicrucian emblems and the Sibyl of the Heart, by Giordano Berti
  • p.11 – How to use the Sibyl of the Heart, by Odete Lopes and Vincenzo Lucifora
  • p.14 – Keywords, meanings and possible combinations
  • p.54 – Introduction to methods of divination
  • p. 56 – Method of Two Cards
  • p.60 – Method of Three Cards
  • p. 63 – The Grand Tableau



-> “Fate keeps on happening…. with the Sibyl of the Heart” <-, a reading by Stella Waldvogel

-> Presentation of the Sibyl of the Heart, by Giordano Berti, in Bologna, Ibis Bookstore, December 7, 2015 (in italian, with english subtitles)


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