Sola Busca Tarot 1491

Taro Sola Busca confez MQ

The only Tarot deck of the 15th century that has come to our day complete with all 78 cards.The first alchemical deck in the history.The deck that, four centuries later, inspired the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot.
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All cards are full illustrated, for the first time in history, with dynamic characters.S12 AMONET11 TULIO10dB

The 22 Triumphs depicting heroes of Greek and Roman history and, in two cases, of biblical story: Nenbroto (Nimrod) and Nabuchodenasor (Nebuchadnezzar).sola-busca-major-spread
018 Ali ermetiche - 7 Denari Sola-Busca 015 Cornucopia - Sola-Busca





The Court Cards and Numerals show scenes of daily life, images of fantasy and alchemical allegories.

The symbols are slightly different from the traditional ones: Disks instead of Coins, Clubs instead of Wands; Amphorae instead of Cups. Swords remain Swords.


The Sola-Busca Tarot remained for nearly 420 years in a private collection, until in 2008 the Italian State bought the deck and assigned him on deposit at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, where in 2012 was made a stunning exhibition.





S-BT Original and Waite-Smith


In 1908 the English esotericist Arthur Edward Waite was inspired by Sola-Busca Tarot to create the Rider-Waite Tarot, painted by Pamela Colman Smith.


Sola-Busca Box shaped Book LQ

AAA WARRANT S-BT Mayer1998 LQIn 1998 the German printer Wolfgang Mayer realized a wonderful version, faithful to the original colors and sizes.Mayer printed only 700 copies, adding to the deck for a warranty card with the serial number and the signature handwritten.

UNTIL AUGUST 2016 the few remaining decks of the Mayer edition WAS offered for sale by Giordano Berti in a beautiful book-shaped box, designed by art designer Letizia Rivetti.
The same decks WAS available in a Golden box (made with strong golden paper). All the decks, both in Deluxe and in Golden box, have the original warranty certificate handsigned by Mayer in 1998.

In 2016, RINASCIMENTO has realized a faithful reprint of the Mayer’s deck. 

Differently to the reprint of 1998, this version has ROUNDED CORNERS and the BACK PAINTED IN MARBLE REDsimilar to the original cards now at Brera Museum in Milan.

Even this version is produced in A LIMITED EDITION OF 700 COPIES numbered and signed on a WARRANTY added to the 78 cards.

The cover of the BOOK-SHAPED BOX is in marbled blue paper and the inside in velvet.Inside the box there’s A BOOKLET : 22 pages with a short historical introduction and the meanings attributed  to 78 cards by the scholar Sofia Di Vincenzo.



The deck is available even in ECONOMIC ART BOX covered with the same marbled blue paper.




Publisher: Rinascimento and Araba Fenice, Italy, 2016 (from the Mayer’s edition 1998).

Curator: Giordano Berti.

Limited edition: 700 numbered and signed copies.

Deck: 78 cards + 1 warranty with number and signature of Giordano Berti.

Card format: 150 × 82 mm

Artbox: designed by art designer Letizia Rivetti.

Packaging: “RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art”. Handmade. Book-shaped box. Outside in blue marbled paper. Velvet interior.

Booklet: written by Giordano Berti. 22 pages full color, with historical information on this deck and symbolic meanings from Sofia Di Vincenzo’s book “Sola Busca Tarot” (US Games Systems 1998). 
Leaflet available in the languages: Italian, English translation by Vic Berti, Portuguese translation by Lilia Palmeira, Spanish translation by Rafael Rojas Perez


– >Sola Busca Tarot Mayer 1998 <-, by Giordano Berti

– >Sola Busca Tarot unboxing <-, by Michael M. Hugues

– >Sola Busca Tarot by Mayer : a piece of history <, by Djamila Zon



->Sola Busca Tarot in Brera, part One<-, from “Mimesis – RAI5” part 1

->Sola Busca Tarot in Brera, part Two<-, from “Mimesis – RAI5” part 2


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  1. Angela ha detto:

    Hello! I realize that it’s been a while since the Mayer edition of the Sola Busca cards were introduced, but I wanted to know if there is still a chance to purchase one of Mayer’s decks. I may have missed my chance, but I wanted to ask here directly to know for sure. Thank you!

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