Taro Vergnano confez MQ

This beautiful model, created around 1830, marks the beginning of the “Golden Age” of the piedmontese Tarot.

FAITHFUL REPRINT: the 78 hand painted wood engravings are reprinted in 2014 under the direction of italian historian Giordano Berti.

500 COPIES numbered and handsigned on a Guarantee Certificate.

Each box contains:
– 78 CARDS
– LEAFLET: 8 pages with cartomantic meanings and methods to read the cards.


HISTORIC BOOKLET : 18 pages, written by Giordano Berti; available in english or italian.


DELUXE (book shaped box)  BUY ON ETSY

STANDARD (2-parts box)  BUY ON ETSY

DELUXE Vergnano LQ


DELUXE BOX. The cards are placed in an elegant golden bag and, together with the booklet and the fold, are inside a refined book-shaped box, designed by the art designer Letizia Rivetti and produced by expert Italian artisans.

Exterior in marbled paper with golden metal corners. Interior in red velvet.


Art Box Vergnano LQSTANDARD BOX. The same deck, in limited edition, is placed in an elegant golden bag and, together with the booklet and the leaflet, are inside a simple box  covered in marbled paper identical to that of the Deluxe box.





In 1830, the card marker Stefano Vergnano deposited in turin the proof of print of a new Tarot model inspired to the Tarot of Marseille that was used even in Piedmont.

In 1832, during the second exhibition of the products of industry and commerce organized in Turin, in the Castle of Valentino, the Vergnano family received an “honorable mention” for the quality of their Tarot.

This beautiful Tarot was copied systematically by other card printers, also outside the Kingdom of Piedmont.The Vergnano Tarot, although very similar to the Tarot so-called “of Marseille”, have many particular details, differents for style and content.

Bagatto Dodal Conver Vergnano

Typical of this deck, as the next Tarot of Piedmont, is the Fool, dressed in baggy pants, chasing a butterfly. The Magician has on the table the tools of the shoemaker. The Devil has an animal face that rises from the abdomen. The Ace of Cups is a vase full of flowers and fruits. The Knight of Coins has a turban on his head. The Knight of Swords resembles a warrior Hussar. The King of Swords and the Knight of Wands have a wonderful and absolutely unusual clothing.

Vergnano 00 Matto LQVergnano 15 Diavolo LQVergnano 10 Ruota LQVergnano Spade Re LQVergnano Bastoni Cavallo LQVergnano Coppe Asso LQ

All the characters are delineated with a sign clean but vigorous. Sherryl Smith writes, “the figures are pleasant, friendly faces and have an air of quiet confidence.”

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow with a little ‘green. The back is a set of dotted lines blue.




Publisher: Araba Fenice, Italia, 2014

Curator: Giordano Berti

Limited edition: 500 copiec, numbered and handsigned

Deck: 78 cards + 1 warranty with number and handsign by gGiordano Berti

Dimension of the cards: 115×68 mm

Artbox: invented by art designer Letizia Rivetti.

Packaging: “RINASCIMENTO – Italian Style Art”. Book-shaped box. Handcraft production. Velvet interior. Exterior in green marbled paper with gold inserts.

Booklet: written by Giordano Berti. 24 pages in black-and-white with historical information on this deck; semi-rigid cover; size 80 × 134 mm.


Available languages:

Italian, by Giordano Berti

English, translation by Vic Berti

Portuguese, tradução de Michele Serinolli.



-> Tarocchi Vergnano: An Historic Tarot from Piedmont <- by Sherryl E. Smith

-> Vergnano Tarot 1826-1851: the story of a Piedmontese Tarot < by Giordano Berti



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